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  Welcome to Liaoning Technical University.
  I am pleased to be coming home a world-class institution with a strong tradition of academic excellence and that has offered world class teaching, research and engagement opportunities for more than 65 years with three state of art campuses occupying more than 40, 000 students.
LNTU innovative community of faculty and staff are dedicated and supportive because we take students as an investment in the future. We have developed and deliver programs and courses which provide knowledge and experiences that serve as a strong foundation for our students. Thus allowing them, as alumni, to take their place in this changing world where they are providing solutions for the present and benefits for the future of our community and overall quality of life. Our graduates are across the country and around the world in a variety of careers including academics, engineers, consultants, geologists and business leaders to name a few.
  Within our campus and beyond the classroom, there are also many learning opportunities for students to acquire new experiences, pursue their interests, and expand their potential. We have the largest and most vibrant menu of cultural, sporting and intellectual activities, spread across a hundred student organizations, in this part of the world. Active participation in these will help you develop valuable leadership skills and teamwork, while stretching your imagination and creative problem-solving abilities.
  As we are all very proud of the diversity of our international student body with students from more than 15 different countries, we hope that you will help us enrich social and cultural life at LNTU. That is why we strongly encourage you to bring along your traditional costumes, music, instruments, food, dances, games, as well as an open mind and a smile! I am privileged to enjoy collegial and lively interactions with our students and dedicated staff on a daily basis. This is not only intellectually uplifting; it is also a great deal of fun. For those of you that are considering study at LNTU, I do hope that you will make it your academic home.
We wish you every success in your choice of a program and extend the first of many welcomes to come.

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