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Professor Ye Yuqing Gave a Lecture about Party to School of International Education
Two International Students of Our University Have Won the Chinese Government Scholarship of Excel...
International Students from the School of International Education Won the North American Mathemat...
Our School Held the 2020 New Year Party for Chinese and Foreign Teachers and Students
President Liang Bing With the Delegation visited Vietnam Coal Group and Guangning Industrial Univ...
School Of International Education Organized a Law Lecture for the International Students at Schoo...
School of International Education Participated In A Series of Activities of "Reading China"
Representatives of the University of Pretoria Visited Our University
School of International Education Organized a Survey of Social Practice of "Promoting the Spirit ...
Welcome Ceremony for Foreign Visitors
Our Delegation Visited Universities in South Africa and Singapore
A delegation of experts from Irkutsk National University of Technology visited our university
Our School Delegation Visited Russian National Universityof Bergorod and Russian National Geologi...
School of International Education Held Trans-campus Cultural Exchange Activities
International Food Festival Held in Our University
Launching Ceremony for Professional Training Project of Silk Road of Chinese Government Scholarsh...
School Opening Ceremony of Spring Semester for International Students in 2019
Our School Signed A Cooperation Agreement with ​Uzbek Coal Mining Group Co., LTD, Shenyang Desig...
Series of Lectures on International Cultural Exchange between Chinese and Foreign Students (II)
Series of Lectures on International Cultural Exchange between Chinese and Foreign Students (I)
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