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President Liang Bing With the Delegation visited Vietnam Coal Group and Guangning Industrial University

At the joint invitation of Vietnam Coal Group and Guangning Industrial University, President Liang Bing led the five member delegation to Vietnam for a five-day friendly visit from December 9 to 13.

During the visit, President Liang Bing held talks with Deng Qinghai, general manager of Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industry Group, Fan Dengfu, President of Vietnam Management School for Business Cadres, Li Taihe, President of Vietnam Energy and Machinery Research Institute, and Huang Xiongsheng, President of Guangning Industrial University , respectively, to exchange views and reach important consensus on further deepening the comprehensive and in-depth cooperation among schools, enterprises, colleges and universities. The relevant parties reviewed the development process of cooperation in recent years, and believed that they should cherish, inherit, maintain and carry forward together, and promote comprehensive cooperation in all fields on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit.

The relevant parties regard each other's development as an opportunity for their own development and focus on promoting cooperation in the following areas: first, continue to strengthen personnel training, Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industry Group, on the basis of the original joint training of doctoral students, set up special funds to increase the number of scholarship students; second, further deepen cooperation in scientific research, and in new energy development and mine disaster management. Third, jointly promote cooperation in running schools, fully integrate the resources of Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industry Group and Vietnam Guangning Industrial University, and jointly carry out a comprehensive and diversified mode of running schools.

At the invitation of President Liang Bing, a delegation from Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industry Group, Vietnam Management School for Business Cadres and Guangning Industrial University plans to visit our university next year.

During the visit to Vietnam, our school delegation also met and discussed with members of the Vietnamese Alumni Association. The alumni and the members of the delegation shared the friendship between teachers and students. Although they have left school, they are proud of the achievements of their alma mater and offer suggestions for the construction and development of the school.


Meeting with Huang Xiongsheng,President of Guangning Industrial University


Meeting with Representatives of Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industry Group and Management

School for Business Cadres

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