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Our School Held the 2020 New Year Party for Chinese and Foreign Teachers and Students

       On the evening of December 29, in order to build a platform for exchanges between Chinese and foreign students and further enhance exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign students, the 2020 New Year Party hosted by School of International Education was held in the International Conference Center. President Liang Bing, Xu Ping, a member of the University Party Committee and director of the academic affairs office, and teachers and students of School of International Education celebrated the New Year together. 

      At the beginning of the party, Isangi and other four international students from Nigeria, Rwanda and Congo sang and danced An African Boy” which ignited the enthusiasm of the whole audience.

Xu Xuan from School of Postgraduate brought the pipa solo "Ambush On All Sides" with a long aftertaste; Ali mu from Uygur Ethnic Group of China and Idee from Rwanda jointly performed the song "Mr. Van Gogh" with enthusiasm and boldness, which made the international students enjoy the charm of the combination of Chinese ethnic minorities and African music.

     The Russian folk song "Cossack" from Oksana, a Russian student from Institute of Mining, made us feel the Russian folk customs. Li Jun of Fuxin folk art troupe played the Mongolian horse head Musical Instrument and sang a song with homai by himself, he brought us the intangible cultural heritage of China, and pushing the atmosphere of the party to a climax.

Finally, the teachers of School of International Education and foreign students performed on the stage together, singing and dancing. Students of different nationalities, languages and skin colors improved their understanding of each other and showed their youthful vitality through tacit cooperation. The party ended successfully in the song and dance of "A Loving Family".

      This party not only presented a unique cultural feast for Chinese and foreign students, but also enabled international students to experience Chinese culture. It also broadened international vision for Chinese students and made people feel the charm of multi-cultural collision and integration.




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