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International Students from the School of International Education Won the North American Mathematical Modeling Contest for the first time anticipation

     To cultivate the students' interest in learning, help students into the learning atmosphere of Liaoning Technical University, to enrich learning life, School of International Education use the after-school time to set up the Mathematical Modeling Association according to the students in different professional and interest, we propose a professional or problems in actual life every two weeks, the student model was established based on mathematical knowledge to solve actual problem ability.

Today, the winner list of the North American mathematical modeling contest for college students was announced, and the only team from School of International Education of our University won the S prize. This is the first time that international students from our University participated in this contest and were on the winning list. The team of the International students Abdullah Sadid, Tariqul Islam and Arif Faisal won the S prize.

The American college students mathematical modeling contest (MCM/ICM), sponsored by the American association of mathematics and its applications, is the only international mathematical modeling contest and the most influential mathematical modeling contest in the world.

In 2020, from China, the United States, Australia, Canada, Britain, India and other countries and regions including the university of Cambridge, Harvard University, Princeton university, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing university, Shanghai Jiaotong University and so on and total 20948 (MCM 13749 cigarettes, ICM, 7199) universities' team take part in the competition, S award winning percentage at 50%.

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