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Professor Ye Yuqing Gave a Lecture about Party to School of International Education

On the afternoon of May 27, Professor Ye Yuqing, a member of school Party Committee and head of the United Front Department of the Party Committee (Teachers Working Department), was invited by School of International Education to give a special party class to all faculty of School of International Education on the topic of "ideological work in international education". This is also an important course for the college to build an international education brand of Liaoning Technical University and improve the foreign affairs working level.

Professor Ye Yuqing communicated with teachers from two aspects of ideology and religion. In the learning process, we have been strengthened the significance of ideological work for studying in China, the content of ideological work, the methods of ideological work in international education, and the religious working methods in education in China. We are fully aware that, while constantly improving our own quality and ability, we need to work hard in guiding work, think deeply, see through and be accurate in "guiding", and achieve the effectiveness of "guiding".

Through study, all the staff of School of International Education has a more systematic understanding of the ideological and religious belief work of overseas students in China. They have expressed that they must firmly hold the Party member's position in the future work, firmly stick to the ideology, and further promote the high-quality development of the work of studying abroad in China.



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