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Spring Semester of the 2019-2020 Academic year of Liaoning Technical University Practical Plan for International Student Management

To prepare a prevention and control work of new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic, blocking the epidemic spread to the campus, ensure life safety and body health, to ensure the teaching and life management of international students and teachers is not affected by outbreaks, according to the “Education Department of Liaoning Province about delayed University, primary school, kindergarten school notice” (Liao Teaching Tele[2020] 9) spirit, according to the provincial, city and school epidemic prevention requirements, combining the reality of college of International education work, formulate the implementation plan.

1. Working Principles

According to "confirm confidence, stay in the same boat, scientific control, precise politics" policy, give full play to party members and cadres the Pioneering Exemplary role, actively mobilize and partial teachers and students work enthusiasm, dynamic carry out analysis, to do a good job of prevention and effective connection, the beginning of the new semester delay order to restore the International normal teaching and living order, maintain campus stability.

2. Teaching arrangement

Due to the particularity of the School of International Education, it is difficult for foreign students to teach on the online platform due to many countries, time difference, foreign network, language and Chinese proficiency, but the school still keeps pace with the University and makes the following arrangements for teaching:

(1) Teaching for undergraduates

1. The teaching tasks of theoretical courses and Chinese courses for each major remain unchanged. During the term of deferment, online tutoring, online learning and self-learning are adopted.

2. During the extension period, teachers should prepare self-study materials and online tutoring for 1-5 weeks.

3. After the official semester begins, to increase the teaching hours through weekends and holidays to ensure the completion of the teaching tasks of this semester.

4. The postponed and make-up exams of this semester will be postponed to the day of students' return to school within 2 weeks. The specific time and work arrangement will be notified separately.

5. International students who graduate this year should follow with the teaching arrangements of their teaching units, graduation design and other teaching sections.

(2) Teaching for graduate students

1. The training target and requirements of international graduate students remain unchanged and should be carried out according to the established training plan.

2. During the extension period, teachers should prepare self-study materials and online tutoring for 1-5 weeks.

3. During the extension period, the tutor can continue academic research and exchange activities with students through WeChat, E-mail and other network means.

4. According to the requirements of the degree office of the State Council of the academic degree committee of the University, the international graduate students need to complete the academic paper publishing, graduation thesis writing and defense and other relevant work to graduate.

3. Arrangements for epidemic prevention and control

1. According to the epidemic situation and provincial and municipal arrangements, determine the official opening time. Before the school officially decides the return date, all international students are not allowed to return to school in advance.

2. During the extension period, the staff and teachers of the school shall ensure the smooth communication 24 hours a day.

3. Through WeChat group and other publicity channels, vigorously publicize and popularize relevant knowledge on the prevention of new coronavirus pneumonia, so as to improve international students' public health awareness and ability to prevent and treat emergencies.

4. Established the management account, carried out the statistics of overseas international students' holiday trends and routes back to school, and checked the infectious risk of international students back to school in advance.

5. Develop the personal health report system for overseas students.

6. Strengthen the monitoring of the health status of international students, adhere to the temperature detection and the cause tracking and registration reporting system for students absent due to illness.

7. Carry out prevention and control inspections, conduct centralized cleaning and disinfection of public areas such as kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, bathroom, staircase and handrail for international students, and strengthen daily ventilation and ventilation of rooms.

8. Handle public opinions well. During the postponement of the semester, the school continued to provide psychological counseling services, timely released information on epidemic prevention and control, actively spread positive energy, and made every effort to create a good public opinion atmosphere.

School of International Education

February 17th , 2020

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