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Notice on the Graduation Arrangements for International Students in 2020

      According to the spirit of the video conference about returning to school and the work plan of returning to school for colleges and universities in Liaoning province and the situation of epidemic prevention and control, the following arrangements are made for the graduates of international students of the class in 2020:

1. The defense of graduates of the class of 2020 shall be carried out by network defense. Undergraduate students shall be organized by their college for defense; for master and PhD students, the defense time shall be determined by the college. The defense procedure and the degree application requirements shall be the same as those in the previous years.

2. Graduates of the class of 2020 who meet the graduation standards and the degree conferment requirements shall be uniformly awarded the corresponding degrees upon the decision of the academic degrees committee of the university.

3. For international students who would have graduated on schedule, their graduation certificate and degree certificate shall be mailed to them by the school.

4. For the overall arrangement of dormitory resources, the graduates of the class of 2020 should finish the cleaning of personal belongings in their rooms before July 15. The graduates who cannot return to school due to the epidemic situation may entrust the School of International Education to sort out and mail their personal belongings (at their own cost). After July 15, the college will keep unsorted personal belongings until September 1. Expiration will be deemed as the abandonment.

5. The international students who apply for the extension of graduation may apply to the School of International Education if they need to continue to live on the campus. The School of International Education will arrange rooms for them according to the actual situation, and the expense should be carried by the students.



School of International Education

May 11th, 2020

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